Factory bus Dynever Street 1969

Old bus garage
B uilding New Fire Station

Dynever Street 1970's

Three Horse Shoes 1970's

Click on door to enter the PUB

Kirkhouse 1970's

Weekes Brothers 1970's

Mrs. Jeffreys House 1970's
It is now the Court Of Requests Pub

H. White Electrical Contractors Ltd. 1970's

Golden Lion Pub 1970's
Georgetown Boys Club now stands on this site.

House next door to the Golden Lion

Eionon Chapel

Demolition of Einon Chapel

Workmen Einon Chapel

Workmen Einon Chapel

Workmen Einon Chapel

Spectators Demolition Einon Chapel

Boss of Demolition Squad

Einon Chapel

This is the old Pop Stores 1970's This was taken from The Tramroad

Georgetown Square 1970's

Dynever shops and Pub

Back of Dynever Pub

Georgetown Fish Shop

Somebody collecting scrap iron the back of the Golden Lion Pub can be seen
This was taken from the Tramroad

Dynever Street 2006

3 Horse Shoes 2006